Denis Young

Aluminium art

In my portraits one can observe the daring and intricate play between the use of contrast and texture (relief) of the aluminium, where the consciously leaving out the eyes, and the creation of wrinkels shroud each art piece with a certain mystique!


Mystic Blue. 100 X120 cm. Available.


The Refugee.  80 X 100 cm. Available!


Dark side of Bea. 80 X 100 cm. Available.


“Trix”, 80 X 100 cm. SOLD!


Outlaw. 100 X 80 cm. Available!


Old Warrior (Geronimo) 70 X 90 cm Available


Bronson. 80 X 100 cm. Sold!


Sixto Rodriquez. 100 X 120 cm. Available


The Old laughing lady. 80 X 100 cm. Sold!


Mystic Outlaw. 80 X 100 cm. Available!